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The design of your website matters! 
More than you may have thought...

Imagine you were just dropped in a random mall you have never been to, with stores you have never heard of…

If you had to choose which store to shop in, how would you choose?

Most likely, you will go with the stores that visually appeal to you.

The ones that stand out because you connect with their branding and aesthetic.

If a shop seemed super messy and you couldn’t even find the one thing you were looking for, I have no doubt you would leave before you even find it, because let’s be real

Do you ever go window shopping?

 it’s not your job to find what they are selling!

Design matters! More than you may have thought… (it matters 94% to be exact!)
Working with a designer who knows how to strategically place your content to convert website visitors into buyers while building you a beautiful design layout… is *chefs kiss*

Client Feedback

“My website is more professional and aligned with my brand after doing a website and brand refresh with Harj. You need a business that reflects your brand identity, vision and goals and Harj will absolutely deliver that for you.”

- Salima F. Rasul

“If you have the means and don't have the skill set/experience to bring a website to life, hiring a professional will take so much off your plate. The 2 wk turn around is incredible, Harj is so organised, efficient and explains everything so simply for non tech minded folks like me!”

- Jess Kirby

Do you find yourself thinking “I have so many things to do - I don’t have time to build a website right now.” 

Or “I wouldn’t even know where to get started!”

Or you simply just don’t know why you would need one?

These are all valid thoughts, but the truth is…

With everything moving to digital, from e-comm to booking services online, if you don’t have a website for your business - you might just be passing on potential clients. 

Websites are the digital front door of your business, and I would argue that there couldn’t be a better time for you to shine online! 

Websites aren’t just a “nice to have” or a “vanity metric”. They’re so much more - they can help grow your business! 

This package is perfect for you if this is your first website or if you need a website refresh

Fully Custom Website Design

  • One completely customized Showit website designed for  desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • 2x 60 Minute Strategy Calls
  • Font and Color Scheme
  • Content Gathering Guide
  • Fully Customized Website Up To 6 Pages
  • Basic SEO Set Up
  • Domain Connection
  • E-mail Marketing System Connection
  • Scheduling App Integration
  • Blog Page Set Up + 2 Published Posts
  • 90 Minute Lesson And Launch Call
  • 1 Week Post Launch Support


3x payments of $1,400
Timeline: 4 weeks

Have you spent the last few months trying to DIY your website, maybe you've already purchased a template but it's still not looking quite right?

Or have you wondered what exactly you should even be writing on your website? What information you need to share or what type of images to use?

A beautiful website is one thing but a strategic websited that's designed to represent your brand is what you need!

Let me help you figure out exactly what content you need on your website and how to write your own copy!

I'll take it even a step further and get you set up with basic SEO to improve your ranking in search engines. 

Let's build you a website that is designed to convert without the custom design price tag.

This package is perfect for you if you are just starting out and need a website that is cost efficient and represents your brand!

Template Customization

  • Support choosing the right template for your business
  • 2x 30 Minute Strategy Calls
  • Content Gathering Guide
  • Template Customization Of A DBH Design
  • Basic SEO Set Up
  • Domain Connection
  • E-mail Marketing System Connection
  • Scheduling App Integration
  • 90 Minute Lesson And Launch Call
  • 1 Week Post Launch Support


2x payments of $1,000

Timeline: 1 week

On the first day of our scheduled dates together, we will have a 60 minute strategy call to discuss your goals and visions for your website.

Custom Website Package (4 week timeline):
Week 1: Design color scheme, font package and design Homepage
Week 2: Design the entire website
Week 3: Go through 3x rounds of revisions
Week 4: Finalize and launch + training call

On launch day we have a 90 minute call. This is to guide you through the website and prepare you to take the reins and feel confident to update as needed!

The Design Process

We will schedule our first 60 min. strategy call to review what is required from your end. Prior to this call, you will be invited to access a Google Drive folder where you will share your website copy and photos. You will be provided a Content Gathering Guide which will walk you through the process of gathering information and images for your website. You will also receive a copy writing guide so you will know exactly what to write on your website and how to write it. Additionally there will be a couple of questionnaires and instructions to collaborate on a Pinterest board. 

Client Homework

Once you have decided to move forward we will schedule our design dates. I will send over your deposit invoice and contract. The dates will only be secure once the contract has been signed and invoice paid!

Pay Invoice and Sign Contract

Book a free virtual consultation to learn how your website can work for your business.. You can use this time to ask questions about creating your website and brand, share your vision and get my professional input.


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