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Serving businesses in the USA and Canada

I will build you a fully custom Showit website in just 1 month!

You have been working hard on your online business as a side hustle and you are ready for more...

Let me help you show up online with a professional website that represents your brand

It's time to level up!

You have already launched your business, you have seen success and clients are consistently booking in...

and now it's time to level up! 

I am sharing all of the tips and tricks to maximize your website so you can reach more customers while doing less work.

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I build custom websites for women with online businesses that are designed to convert visitors into clients/customers!

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Client Feedback

“If you have the means and don't have the skill set/experience to bring a website to life, hiring a professional will take so much off your plate. The 2 wk turn around is incredible, Harj is so organised, efficient and explains everything so simply for non tech minded folks like me!”

- Jess Kirby

“My website is more professional and aligned with my brand after doing a website and brand refresh with Harj. You need a business that reflects your brand identity, vision and goals and Harj will absolutely deliver that for you.”

- Salima F. Rasul

I’m Harj and I’m super passionate about website design and making YOUR business stand out!

My goal is to help women launch an aligned website for their business because I know how much value it will bring!

With a beautiful website that's designed to convert you will attract more clients and in turn bring in more reveneu. This will allow you to live life on your terms!

Why is this so important to me? 

Because I have been exactly where you are! I have worked a soul sucking 9-5 job that didn't bring me joy, and actually kind of took over my entire life!

You have already launched your business, you have seen success and clients are consistently booking in and now it's time to level up! 

Let's get more eyes on your business so you can leave that corporate job and do what you love!