Showit Website Maintenance

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You had a beautiful website designed for your business, you launched, you popped some bubbly and celebrated!

But now what?

You might be thinking “how do I maintain my Showit website”

That’s a great question! And like most of my answers – it depends! (are you sick of hearing me say that yet?)

Your Showit Website Maintenance will depend on what your website goals are

  1. How active do you want to be on your website?
  2. How often do you need to add/change information?
  3. Are you offering regular promotions?

Let’s go through a few different scenarios of “what your website goals are”


Scenario 1: Your website goal is to provide information and book clients.

In this case, unless you are updating your information and calendar regularly you won’t have very many updates to make.

Your website will already be built with all of the information your potential clients will require upon landing on your website.

Your booking calendar will be a third party integration. For example, you use Honeybook to schedule your appointments and insert that form/calendar onto your website.

If you need to update your availability, you will do that directly in the scheduling app and won’t require to make any changes on your website. And since you’ve already provided all the info your clients will require, you won’t need to update that very often either.

In this case, your website will be very low maintenance!

You might need to add some information or swap out some copy as you make changes to your business. In this case, you will easily be able to pop into your Showit design app and make those changes.

This is super easy to do on your own and you don’t necessarily need to hire a designer, unless you want to!

Scenario 2: Your website is a marketing tool that you use to attract and convert clients

This is my favorite! I believe everyone should take advantage of their website and use it to grow their business.

However, not everyone wants to use it that way and that’s totally fine, you do you and I will always cheer you on!

This does require maintenance. That being said, you could maintain it yourself or outsource this maintenance.

This will look like:

  • Regularly adding blog posts to your website (recommend minimum once a week)
  • Regularly updating your portfolio to showcase client work
  • Making changes to copy as your brand and business evolve to attract the right clients
  • Swapping out images if you regularly get brand photoshoots

In order for your website to rank higher on Google and other search engines, you need to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This is everything when it comes to using your website as a marketing tool to generate leads to convert clients!

This is similar to what algorithm is for social media!

The more you optimize your website to be searchable, the higher it will rank, the more people that will visit your website, the more people you have the opportunity to convert!

To do this you want to create regular content (*ahem blog posts*).

You want your website to be up to date with accurate and valuable information.

And you want to be strategic with this! Using keywords throughout your website copy in headings, sprinkled within paragraphs, on your image alt text and page descriptions.

SEO and keywords are a whole other topic on their own. However, these are things you need to think of when maintaining your website to attract clients.

You can either do this on your own or you can hire a Designer to add blog posts and make any other changes.

You can go even further and hire an SEO expert and a copywriter to assist with your website marketing strategy. But you don’t have to!

These are just options that are available for you!

Scenario 3: Your goal is to regularly offer promotions and need these added to your website for limited periods of time.

This is quite typical for e-commerce businesses who have sales throughout the year that last a limited time.

Service based businesses could use this to offer promotions as well but also to share their availability.

For example, if you are booking a couple of months in advance you can have a pop up that will tell your clients what month you are currently booking. And this will change as time goes on.

In this scenario you are regularly adding promotional pop ups or updating your announcement bar at the top of your website.

When you have a new promotion, a new page will need to be created and added to your site. Then set to pop up when your client visits your site or at another time on a specific page. You can really narrow this down to exactly when you want this promotion to appear.

If you are having promotions or sharing information (date availability) regularly, that’s about as many times as you would need to build a new page and connect it.

Again, this is something you could learn to do on your own or it is something you can hire a Designer to do.

The more things you do on your own the faster you will get at making these updates.

But like I mentioned earlier, not everyone wants to put the time in or has the time to learn. In that case, it’s best to invest in a professional.

I do teach you how to easily maintain your website on your own when we launch your site.

I always talk to my clients about their website goals. Of course we build the website according to these goals but it also allows me to personalize the website training to their needs.

And if there is anything in particular that you want to learn to do on your website, it’s a good idea to make a note of it and ask during your launch and lesson call.

This is a 90 minute zoom call where I review the entire site with you, teach you how to maintain it and then we publish to launch!!

Another important thing to cover is what the investment of hiring a designer for maintenance looks like.

I offer hourly services to maintain your website.

Some designers do offer retainer services, I do not at this time. However, if that is something you are interested in we can always chat about it and see if it’s something I can accommodate for you.

And something to keep in mind…

On average, it is recommended to do a total overhaul and redo your website every 2-3 years as your business and brand evolves.

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