How to Use Chat GPT for Blog Posts

How to Use Chat GPT for Blog Posts: A Time-Saving Guide for Female Business Owners

With literally everything moving online, running an online business from home has become more and more popular!

It offers us the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time and endless possibilities.

One of the most effective ways to increase your online presence and provide value to your audience is through blogging!

But I also know, as a female business owner your time is a precious resource! Finding efficient ways to create content is huge for you! Which is why I highly recommend playing around with ChatGPT to help you save time!

You have probably heard all of the buzz around AI! Some people find it scary others find it super helpful!

To be honest, I find it scary and super helpful!

I’m actually using Chat GPT for this very post I am writing for you right now!

But don’t worry, I am the one writing it and just using Chat GPT as a tool.

Which is exactly what I’m going to get into in this post – how you can use Chat GPT for blog posts without losing your brand voice and having AI write the whole post for you.

First things first, what is Chat GPT?

It’s an AI-powered language model that can help you generate ideas (and write, however I don’t suggest you just use it word for word) for your blog posts and marketing content.

A couple of ways to use Chat GPT for blog posts:

  1. Generate ideas
  2. Create an outline for blog posts
  3. Help you overcome writer’s block.

I am going to walk you through how to effectively utilize Chat GPT for blog posts to help you write your content quickly and easily!

So let’s get into how this AI tool is a game changer for your online business and how it’s going to maximize your blogging efforts!

The power of blogging for your online business:

There are many different content marketing methods, blogging is my personal favorite!

As a website designer I truly believe a website is a huge marketing tool and the way to maximize marketing with your website is to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And what’s the best way to increase your SEO? You guessed it, by blogging!

Not only is blogging going to help your website pop up higher in search engine results it’s also going to establish your online presence and credibility!

The more value you provide to your visitors the more they will trust you and this will grow a loyal audience!

This is where using Chat GPT for blog posts comes in as a time-saving solution

As mentioned earlier, Chap GPT is an AI-powered language model that can assist you in streamlining your blog writing process, saving you valuable time and effort.

According to Zapier “ChatGPT works by attempting to understand your prompt and then spitting out strings of words that it predicts will best answer your question, based on the data it was trained on.”

How to use Chat GPT for blog posts. The interface of Chat GPT and where to ask questions when making content marketing requests.

Here you can see the interface of Chat GPT. It is super easy to use!

On the left, you will see your history of searches. I have played around with a couple and you can see them listed.

Interesting fact, the search “Chat GPT for blogging” was used to write this very blog post!

Just to clarify, did an AI tool write this blog post? No, I did! But it did help!

I will get into how you can use it to help you write your posts vs. writing your posts for you!

On the main screen of the platform there are some resources. Right under them is a send message bar where you can enter your prompts and Chat GPT will write what you have requested.

It’s actually so fascinating! And it writes it so fast that I am still quite blown away by its capabilities!

A really great advantage of using Chat GPT for blog posts is that you can request that it uses specific keywords in the title and throughout the post. This can really help with your SEO!

Getting started: Setting Up Chat GPT For Your Needs

I cannot express enough how important it is to just play around with this tool.

Just throw some random commands into the Send Message bar and see what comes up. But of course, when we are actually writing our blog posts we want to be more strategic than that!

But when you are just starting out using this tool, do spend some time playing around with it to see what it comes up with when you enter different prompts.

It’s important to learn how it works by practicing and familiarizing yourself with Chat GPT’s commands and prompts.

Leveraging Chat GPT for Creative Blogging Ideas

Overcoming writer’s block with Chat GPT’s assistance:

I don’t know about you but there are many times I sit down to write my blog post and literally have no idea what I’m going to write about!

You can literally ask Chap GPT to come up with blog post ideas for your niche within your industry! It really is so helpful!

Enhancing your blog writing process with Chat GPT

If you ask me “were you hesitant to use AI” my answer would be “surprisingly, no”.

I am not the girl to be the first to jump on trends or try things outside of my comfort zone. Although, I do all the time for my business now. Which is exactly why, surprisingly, I was not hesitant to use AI. 

I want to give my business the best of everything! And using AI can help me take my marketing to the next level. If not that, at the very least it will save me time. And as business owners we know, time is money!

Blogging is my number one marketing strategy! All of the rest of my content is based off of my blog posts. So saving time writing blog posts is a dream!

You can use Chat GPT in your blog writing process by:

  1. Overcoming writer’s block. Even when you know exactly what you’re going to write about sometimes we just need that outline to help us get started faster.
  2. Editing and proofreading 

I did use Chat GPT to create an outline for this very post and to create SEO rich titles.

And the funny thing is, Chat GPT had suggested using this tool to “seek assistance with research and fact-check”. I didn’t include that in my list of how to use it for your blog writing process because I wouldn’t recommend that.

Do your own research and check your own facts!

You don’t know if the facts provided by Chat GPT are all accurate. The tool basically pulls information from other posts available on the internet. If someone posted misinformation Chat GPT can still pull that and present it as accurate.

Maintaining authenticity and your brand voice in your blog posts

As mentioned earlier, it’s so cool to be using an AI tool to help kick start your writing process. But honestly, I use it as an outline and write every word (give or take a couple of sentences) myself.

I re-write it in my own brand voice and add things, remove things, do my own research – basically make it my own! 

And I suggest that’s how you use it as well!

Best practices and tips for using Chat GPT for blog posts

This is how I recommend you build your “message” to Chat GPT.

Make your request for what you would like Chat GPT to do for you. Remember it can be used to write blog posts but also IG captions, emails, descriptions etc.

Be as clear as day! 

  • What type of post you are requesting (blog, IG caption, YouTube/Pinterest description, email etc.)
  • What the topic is
  • Who is writing it (your brand voice)
  • Description of the type of content you want within the post (ex. tips to save time, the most efficient way to xyz, etc.)
  • What SEO keywords to include throughout the post and in the titles

See below the prompt I used in Chat GPT for this very post!

My prompt for Chat GPT

Hello, can you please write a blog outline for “how to use Chat GPT for blogging” as a female business owner. Explain how it can save you time and how to best use Chat GPT. The introduction should be at least 150 words and should use these keywords for SEO:

  • online business
  • online business from home
  • blogging for beginners
  • blog online
  • blog writing

Using the power of AI as a female business owner is a game-changer for your blogging journey.

Use the strategies I shared in this post to save yourself time and get your creative juices flowin’. 

Being an online business owner you are doing many things, one of which is marketing online. If you choose to use Chat GPT use it as a tool and not a crutch! It’s here to help you create posts not to write them for you!

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