5 Signs It’s Time To Hire A Showit Website Designer

Have you been wondering if it’s time to hire a Showit website designer to bring your website to life?

Building a website can seem like a very daunting task and that’s because there’s so much that goes into it! From the design to strategy to functionality and integrations. 

Having a website that represents your brand is a really great asset for your business. It can help get more eyes on your biz, convert visitors into clients and grow your community.

Here are 5 signs that it is time to hire a Showit website designer:

  1. You have been DIYing your website for months
  2. You don’t know what content you need on your website
  3. You’re embarassed of your current website
  4. You rely solely on social media to build connection with your community
  5. You have an outdated website

Now let’s break these down!

You have been DIYing your website for months (maybe even years but that can be our little secret)

Remember that saying we hear all the time when it comes to business:

“You can either invest your time or your money” I know I butchered that quote but you get the idea!

If you decided, months ago, that you will DIY your website to save money because you have the time then that’s a really great option – if you actually launch your website within those few months.

But if the project has been dragging on and you just never get around to actually finishing your website then you need to get it up! And maybe making the financial investment is the best way to go. If a website can help support your business it doesn’t make sense to delay launching your site.

Think about the ROI (return on investment) If you spend $3000 on your website but that website in turn brings that money back as revenue, then it’s worth the investment!

You have no idea what your website needs to have on it or  where any of the content goes.

If you don’t know what content to put on your website you are not alone nor is that a surprise. I mean, how are you supposed to know what goes on your website? 

The thing is, you’re not supposed to just know! A website designer is going to guide you through the content you need on your website. 

A Showit website designer can help guide you towards what copy to write, I personally offer content writing guides within my packages. We can also direct you in what type of images should be used on your website to support your brand.

You built a website but you’re embarrassed to share it with other people. You internally hope no one happens to land on it and you are reluctant to send people to it.

This is almost worse than not having a website. But you know what, I have been there! If you know this feeling so do I!

Before I started doing website design, taking classes and learning the design and strategy side, I really didn’t know what content to put on my site.

I also didn’t know what the lay out should look like and how the brand colors should be added to work together. It was a mumble jumble of different colors and mixed up font sizes. Not to mention a huge lack of strategy.

So when I say I feel you here, I really do! 

If you have a website you should feel confident and excited to share it with your people! It should be a place you are proud to share, a place that your community can build trust with your brand. 

You rely solely on social media to build connection with your community

Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great place to build community and connections. It’s just not always the best place to convert clients! And even if you do build your platform enough so you can easily sell on socials you still want a place where you can direct your clients. Your business needs a home and for online businesses that home is your website.

You own your website! It can’t be taken away from you. With social media you can lose your following, the algorithm might not be on your side or the platform can simply be shut down anyday without any notice!

You want to have a place that you own where your clients are guaranteed to be able to find you. A website can help build customer loyalty and community.

You have an outdated website that does not represent your current brand.

Websites should go through a full refresh every 2-3 years. It may seem like a lot but just imagine how much your business changes and grows within that amount of time.

Your website should always be up to date with representing your current brand and the evolution of your business.

My guess is over those years your ideal clients have also changed. You may be serving different clients in a different way now. If that’s the case your website needs to communicate those changes.

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