Why Do I Share Website Design Tips?

I was asked this question by a fellow designer…

“Why do you share website design tips? Won’t your clients just use those tips and build the website themselves?”

This was a really great and valid question and it got me thinking, maybe other people might be wondering the same thing.

There are actually a few reasons, in no particular order..

For my clients:

I am working with small business owners who don’t want to pay me a retainer fee to maintain their websites.

This is actually one of the reasons I do recommend Showit to many small business owners as well.

I want my clients to be able to maintain their own website after I have completed a custom website build for them.

I go through a 90 minute launch and lesson plan with my clients the day we officially launch their website. We record this call and I send them the recording so they can always go back and revisit if needed.

I share website design tips through tutorials on my Blog, IG or YouTube. These tutorials are to there to support my clients with maintaining their own website. Or for to help anyone who is looking to DIY their website.

I’m also hoping my website design tips inspires small business owners to add some of these features to spice up their websites. If you have DIY’d your website there might be some features you haven’t thought about adding!

For small business owners:

I am a small business owner and I know what it means to keep an eye on the bottom line!

When you are just starting your business you might not have the means to invest in a website right away. And that’s totally fine!

You might choose to build your own website to get started.

I honestly want to be able to help all small business owners, not just the ones who are hiring me.

I am here to help all entrepreneurs with getting their site up and running. If I can add some value to your website in any way, that will truly make my heart happy! And the way to do this is through sharing website design tips.

When I launched my very first business before even getting into website design I couldn’t afford to hire a website designer.

I wanted branding and a website and I chose to pay for branding. For the website I decided to purchase a template.

In hindsight, I think I would have done it the other way around now.

When I used the template to build my website, it was so great because there was a guide provided on how to make it my own and upload my images, copy etc.

However, over time I would see features on websites I liked and think to myself “I want that on my website”. I just wouldn’t know how to actually add those features…

If you are diying your website I hope my website design tips help you!

And if you’re stuck trying to figure out how to do something on Showit let me know! I would love to make a tutorial for you! Just shoot me an email

You know you need a website for your business but you have no idea where to start?

Don’t worry, I got you!

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Preparing my business for growth:

I know I want to scale my business in the future. Whether that looks like hiring on more designers, creating courses or coaching other designers.

  • I want people to trust me and my skills in building websites. So in the future, if they do want to learn even more about website design they would trust in my courses. (If I choose to launch courses in the future.

  • I want to build enough credibility in the website design space that if someone decides to embark on the journey of becoming a website designer – they would trust me to guide them.

  • If I choose to launch a template shop then people would trust that I can teach them how to use the template to make it their own.

It’s so important to focus on your current business goals. But you also want to think about where you want to take your business and work towards that as well.

For me I know I want to expand the business in a way where I can continue one on one services but also add on other revenue streams.

One thing that I have learned over just life experiences is that you cannot create a concrete path for yourself.

I know this is such a basic life lesson but honestly it took me a long time to really understand and live in a way where I am open to receiving without trying to control everything.

Giving up control is super hard, it was for me at least.

And when I finally learned that things won’t always go the way you want them to – it was actually pretty liberating.

All I can do is try and set myself up to become someone that you can trust to build your website/teach you how to build your own website. If I am able to do that successfully then I’m happy!

Last but not least, I love teaching!

For those of you that don’t know my journey and my career prior to website design: I used to be a hairstylist turned educator turned business consultant.

I taught hairstyling at a school in Vancouver, BC for a year and a half and then I started teaching full time for L’Oreal Professionnel. I absolutely loved teaching!

Sharing what I know is something I don’t think I can stop myself from doing. It just comes very naturally to me and I love sharing what I have learned.

Another great thing about teaching is that it actually helps me learn more.

I realized this when I started teaching at the hair school. I was teaching students who had never done hair before and they were there to learn it all: from cutting hair to coloring to perming.

And when I first started teaching I would do certain things and not necessarily explain it right away because it came so naturally to me and I just thought everyone would know how to do it.

But of course that’s not the case, it took me years to get to where I was and these students were just starting.

I realized that there are skills you pick up over the years that almost don’t even feel like skills to you after sometime, it feels obvious. But that’s where the magic of teaching your experience lies.

Some of the things I did, I didn’t even realize I was doing or did out of habit without thinking.

And when you have to explain why you’re doing what you’re doing, it makes you think about it again.

It makes you go through the thought process again. It’s actually super interesting!

I heard this from someone in the past and I think it’s so beautiful and true “When someone is an expert they can make what they are doing look very easy.” And it’s sooo true.

Have you ever watched someone do something and been like “Oh I can do that, easy”. And then you try it and have no idea what you did wrong?

And I just love this concept because it makes you really see people’s talents and not take them for granted.

I know I went on a bit of a tangent there so I apologize!

What I am trying to say is…

I love sharing website design tips as much as I love designing websites. And I hope you find my tips and tricks helpful!

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