5 Reasons You Should Use Showit As Your Website Builder

Why should you choose Showit?

Well that’s a loaded question!

And I believe it all comes down to your specific business and your specific needs.

I primarily work with small business owners, whether they are just starting off or they have an already successful business.

Showit is a great website builder for both types of business owners and I would even venture to say larger businesses as well.

No matter what platform you choose to go with there will be certain functionalities that the platform does not provide on its own, certain things it’s not capable of doing.

For example, if you want to add an appointment scheduler, a map to show your location, add a blog or a shop etc.

Now the funny thing is, that is true for the majority of platforms with one exception. Squarespace does offer a lot of these functionalities within the platform.

So you might be thinking, why would I recommend and work with Showit then?

Because the design capabilities within Showit are sooo incredible. I would even go as far as saying they’re kind of unlimited!

It’s a true drag and drop website builder which means that you can design each little element on your website exactly how you want it. This gives it so much power in my opinion!

And the rest of the platforms are similar to Showit where you would have to integrate different apps in order to offer specific functionalities, like the ones I mentioned earlier.

But those other platforms don’t have the design capabilities that Showit does either!

I will also say, if you are planning on DIYing your website, I would not recommend trying that with Showit. A lot of work goes into building your site.

However, there is always the option of purchasing a template to personalize, if you don’t hire a Designer.

You know you need a website for your business but you have no idea where to start?

Don’t worry, I got you!

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5 Reasons you should use Showit as your website builder

  1. The design capabilities

One of the reasons I love using Showit is because I know how important a website is to growing your business. And the design layout, branding and every little part of your site represents your business.

If a potential client visits your website they should feel exactly what you want them to feel when they interact with your biz. And we are able to achieve that with Showit!

The design can be created in such a unique way that matches exactly what you are looking for and what will represent your business.

2. Easy to update and maintain

Showit is also super easy to update and maintain yourself. This is why purchasing a template can be a great option if you are not looking to hire a designer.

And if you do hire a designer then you can maintain and update your website as needed without having to pay someone to do it every. single. time.

3. Great for SEO – Search Engine Optimization

You have heard me say over and over (and over) how important SEO is for your website!

And Showit is such a great platform to get into Googles good books!

Not only does it have built in SEO features that will help optimize your website. It also integrates with WordPress if you are blogging. In which case it will use the power of WordPress to increase your searchability in search engines!

4. Mobile Optimization (design mobile layout independent of desktop layout)

Mobile optimization! First let me tell you why this is important.

Here are a couple of quick facts:

“61% of internet users have a higher opinion of companies with mobile-friendly website design”
“Over 50% report they are less likely to engage with sites with bad mobile-friendly website designs”

Blogging Wizard

And this number is just going to increase! More and more people are visiting websites from their mobile devices, you and I included!

This should show you the importance of having a beautiful and strategic mobile design layout.

Showit has the capability to design the mobile site fully independent of the desktop version. You may not be a website nerd but please trust me when I tell you, this is huge!

5. Customer Support

They have an incredible support team!

You can use their live chat or email customer support and they can easily help you navigate any issue you may be having on the platform.

I will say, sometimes it does take a few hours for them to respond, which is kind of frustrating when you’re totally in it and just want to move on from said issue! (sorry, tangent)

But overall, it’s really nice to know you have someone on the other side to help you when you feel like you really effed up, pardon my French.

Basically, Showit is a creatives dream come true!!

And as a small business owner, you are a creative. No matter what your business is.

And your business has a personality that attracts the right clients.

You deserve a website builder that can bring that personality to life – and that platform my friend, is Showit!

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