Dental Clinic Website Design

Launch graphics for a dental clinic website

I absolutely loved designing this dental clinic website for my clients!

Steph and Namrita are Dental Hygienists and launched a beautiful new clinic that specializes in cleanings and teeth whitening. They had this idea of creating a spa-like feeling through their branding and the design of their clinic. They offer unique touches with their services including face masks, under eye patches, and a warm heated blanket. You truly do feel like you are in a spa when you book in for a cleaning!

I really wanted to bring this same feeling into their online presence. They had a graphic designer friend create their branding for them, and it was perfect! It really embodied their vision for their business.

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For their website they chose to go with the semi-custom option using one of my Showit website templates. They chose the Sage Template and we customized it for their business. This was a great option for them because we were able to use the existing pages in the template for their services and to share information about their dental clinic. 

Website pages

We used 8 out of the 11 pages available to them in the Showit website template. The pages I designed for their website included:

  1. Homepage
  2. About
  3. Services
  4. Contact
  5. FAQ
  6. Legal (Privacy Policy)
  7. Terms and Conditions
  8. 404 Error Page

This template customization service was a one week turn around!

I love that we were able to make the template look completely unique to their business. Here you can see the original Sage Template design on the left and the customized version for Haven Dental Clinic on the right.

I love that each brand provides a different feeling! You can really see how we can make your website look different from the original template. This is really important to us because even if you’re choosing a semi-custom package, we still want your website to feel unique to your business!

A semi-custom website is a great option for most businesses. If you have a business that provides a lot of different specialized services or you have a lot of information you need to provide, then I would recommend a fully custom website. Again, it really depends on the amount of information you need on your website and what the best way to present it would be. This is something we can chat about on a free consultation call if you would like to see which option would be best for you!

Website goal

Their main goal was to book clients through their website. You can see there are CTAs (call to action) throughout the website. Majority of these buttons lead to their booking link. We also added internal links throughout the site depending on what information we were providing. It’s important for users to be able to easily navigate your website. So if we were talking about a specific topic and there was more information about it on another page, we would link out to that page.

For this dental clinic website we linked to Akitu One Scheduler. This is where clients can easily book their services with their Hygienist. My clients chose to go with this scheduler because it has features like an online form, scheduling, billing, charting and allows online booking. 

You can check out Haven Dental Clinics full website here!

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