Manifesting Success: Designing a Website for Your Dreams

Whether we actively think about it or not, we all desire to be manifesting success.

And as a business owner, you have goals that you want to achieve. You may be a business owner who writes down their quarterly goals or you may be winging it. Either way, you have a business for a reason and each business has a desired outcome to make money. 

Your website can work as a vision board for manifesting success in your business. Think about a traditional vision board, we spend time brainstorming the things that we want to manifest into our lives. We spend time collecting the perfect visuals and the perfect words that represent our desires. You can use your website in the same way for your business.

Manifesting success by designing a website for your dreams

Getting clear on your goals and dreams

The first thing I want you to do is get clear on your desires. We are going to work backwards from there. Set some time aside to create white space. Think about what success truly means to you. Think about the way you want to live your life and the things you want to do and feel. Here are some exercises that can help you get clear on your goals:

  1. Journaling 
  2.  Visualizing what success feels like
  3.  Speaking out loud
  4.  Creating a vision board that feels aligned

Below are the things I want you to get clear on in order to build a website that supports your manifestation. It is so important to have clear goals for your business. You will be focusing on these things when you are designing your website journey (more on this later).

  • Get clear on your vision and your dreams
  • What are your goals? Write out 2-3 goals you want to achieve within your business.
  • Now think of the things you need to do to get you there? This one should be very practical. For example, sell x amount of a service to hit your revenue goals in order to invest in your dreams. This will help you actively work towards manifesting success.

Your website is your vision board  to attract your ideal clients and to reach your business goals. it’s going to work in the same way as a traditional vision board. You will be adding images and copy that truly align with your goals and the people you want to work with.

Designing a website for your dreams

Just like a vision board you are going to start off by gathering all of the content that is going to be on your website. This will include:

  1. Images
  2. Copy
  3. Branding

These three elements are going to come together to bring your dream website to life. Each of these aspects are so important. 

Your images are going to visually appeal to your ideal clients. Gather images that truly represent your business, who you are, and connect with your aligned clients. If you are getting a photo shoot it is so important that you choose the right setting, the perfect outfit, and add accessories that will speak directly to your website visitors. For example,  if you are a holistic nutritionist then make sure you have some images in the kitchen or some images of recipes you have created. Images speak louder than words, so make sure that you are speaking directly to your clients through your images.

The copy is going to speak directly to your ideal clients. The words you choose to use within your copy, the tone that you write in, the information you provide, it’s all going to support you in manifesting success through finding aligned clients. 

Your branding is going to take everything one step further. The colors within your brand, the fonts that you choose and any graphics you have designed will all work together to create a feeling.

All of these elements come together to create your dream website. But we want to take it even further and create a website that supports manifesting success.

Using your website as a vision board for manifesting success

Before moving to the next part it is important to have completed the first two steps:

  1. Get clear on your desires and goals.
  2. Gather all of the content to add to your dream website

We bring all of these elements together now to build out your website. We want to make sure your website journey is guiding your visitors to take action. These actions are connected to achieving your goals. Keep your top 2-3 goals in mind when you are designing your website. The flow of your website should direct your visitor to take action on the goals you have outlined.

Designing your clients website journey

It’s important to take your client on a journey through your website. Think of it as someone coming into your store and you are showing them around. You have the perfect solution for their problem and you just need to show them where to find it. 

I want you to map out each page of your website. If you are anything like me you will want to do this with a pen and paper. Okay, maybe a pencil as I’m sure we will be getting a little messy while creating!

Have a piece of paper for each page on your website. Write the title of the page at the very top and then write the goal for that page next to it. Now you will know exactly what information you need to provide on this page. Exactly what content you need to add to this page. Everything is going to point towards taking action on your goal. 

Create a website journey roadmap

From there create a roadmap for each page. This will consist of the information you want to provide and the action you want your client to take. I have a Website Content Roadmap already built out if you want to download the workbook, for FREE!

Not every page is going to have an action to purchase. Some pages will be designed to share information to build trust with your visitor. For example, your About page can be designed to connect with your ideal clients. This page will provide information about who you are and what your journey looked like. Your goal for this page could be to direct them to your services page. This way they have learned more about you from your About page and now you are directing them to learn about how they can work with you. You can also have an option to sign up for your Newsletter so they can continue to hear from you and become a part of your community. 

Of course, you can have more than one goal for each page. You can have your newsletter sign up and direct them to your services in the example above. 

When you are writing the copy for each page of your website keep your goal in mind. Think about the information your ideal clients will need to know in order to feel confident in taking the action you want them to take. For example, if you are a Reiki master and want them to book an appointment then teach them about Reiki. Make them feel confident in how you can help them, in order to feel confident in booking an appointment with you.

Using your website as a vision board for manifesting success

Manifestation has become a huge buzz word, I know. But at the end of the day we are manifesting whether we are doing it actively or not. If you are using manifestation as a technique to build your dream life then you know that you also need to take action. 

You need to work towards making those dreams a reality. If you have ever created a vision board and put it up in your room, you know the power it has. You are looking at your desires every single day. Using your website as a vision board is so powerful because you are not only creating it for yourself, you are creating it for your clients. You are showing them what is possible for them. All of the elements you have pulled together, your branding, images and copy are designed to connect directly with your ideal client.

The feeling you get when you look at your vision board, that’s the feeling you want your ideal clients to get when they visit your website. You are putting your dreams out there and this will resonate with the right people. 

I want you to focus on your goals to make your dreams come true. But we also know there is so much beauty in the journey. And that journey is a part of manifesting success. That journey is what your website represents. Guiding your clients to take action is going to support your manifestation and help you achieve your dreams and goals.

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